Soul Searcher Clothing is more than a clothing brand.... it is  a movement. 
Our clothing is wearable art that is designed not only to express your creativity and uniqueness, but also raise your frequency and consciousness. 

We aim to inspire people to be the best versions of themselves, to lead with their hearts, and to remind them that we are all one.
We want to empower people to radiate the energy of peace, light and love to the universe by curating pieces that support conscious lifestyles.

​Soul Searcher is a movement aimed at raising awareness and inspiring people on their life journey of waking up.
We believe change starts from within.

By bringing awareness and consciousness to our inner world, we can transform our outer world and connect more deeply and authentically with all beings of the universe.

Soul Searcher is the long awaited lovechild of its creator, Shannon Ryan. A sagitarrian wandering gypsy at heart, she has traveled the world searching for deeper knowledge, contemplating mystical truths, connecting with magnetic spirits, exploring uncharted territories both internally and externally, and peeling back the layers of the soul.
She always knew she had a higher calling.... that she would be an instrument for change... that she was meant to leave a mark on this world. In re-connecting to her repressed inner artist and going against what society told her she should be, she was able to connect to her higher purpose and dharma in this life; which is to inspire others. This is where Soul Searcher was born.
Shannon believes art is a sacred vessel of the divine and holds deep wisdom in its simplicity. She wants to help others connect to the divine life force within themselves allowing for harmonious flow in this cosmic dance of life.
Through this all, she remains in constant amazement of the synchronicities and connectedness of this universe. She wants people to watch the world with glittering eyes and see the magic in the mundane. 

- Raising consciousness through apparel
- ​Unique, genuine, authentic  hand drawn designs​
- Blending fashion-forward design with seamless studio to street functionality
- A conscious brand: human, environmentally, & socially conscious 
Fashionable yet affordable
- Made ethically with love in
​the USA

-We are all One

​To inspire connectedness, conscious living, and positivity while spreading love and light to all beings. 

Bringing forth an attitude of equality, kindness and compassion by reminding people of our oneness. 

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu:
May All Beings Everywhere be Happy and Free From Suffering